Despicable Me 2 McDonald’s Minion Toys Complete Set (#1-8)

I haven’t watched the Despicable Me 2 movie yet (I will soon! I promise!), but I came across the cutest toys from McDonald’s (North American Collection) and I knew I had to collect the set! Yes, I’m a horrible person for buying Happy Meals to get the toys! I admit it! But to be fair, I must have gained a few pounds as karma! Leave a comment to let me know how you found the movie! I already fell in love with the toys and a friend of mine warned me that I’d love the toys even more after watching the movie! (Especially those ugly-cute purple minions!)

Here is a picture of my prized collection!

Despicable Me 2 McD Set

#1 Tom Babbler

#2 Phil Jelly Whistle

#3 Dave Banana Babbler

#4 Jerry Whizzer Whistle

#5 Purple Noisemaker

#6 Tim Giggling

#7 Purple Minion Giggling

#8 Stuart Blaster

Here is a wonderful youtube video I came across that shows what each toy does! Enjoy!

And this link here will forever make you happy! CUTESTTT thing ever!!!

WARNING: You will die from cuteness. Seriously.


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