Canadian Shipping Costs

Today is the first time I will be shipping anything to anywhere. My sister recently shipped a small package (larger and heavier than mine) to Australia for $11. I figured shipping within Canada must be less than that especially since my package is only 1/8th the size of her package! To my surprise, shipping within Canada is ridiculous! Here I am, thinking shipping from Toronto to Vancouver would be less than $5.

Let me describe the item dimensions of the package I will be shipping. It is roughly 8cm x 6cm x 7cm. It weighs a little less than 0.09kg (85g). When I did my estimate on various delivery services, I got a range of $14-$35 and that was their cheapest delivery cost! The item itself is only a few dollars! Broke my heart a little  to find out that it’ll cost me 3x the cost of the item to ship the package! Has anyone else underestimated postal/delivery costs?

Here is a picture of my package with a pen beside it for comparison!



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