[CANADA] Marble Slab Daily Deals Until January 31/14!!!

I think I got a little TOO excited for this! I freaking (yes, need some kind of censored swear word) LOVEEE icecream! The deals aren’t super duper duper amazing, but they’re something! From today until January 31, 2014, they have daily promotions! So if you have a significant other and you have no idea what to do for your dates… HERE’S AN IDEA! LOL. It may be because it’s freezing out here in Toronto, and snowing up North, but are YOU going to let that STOP YOU from getting to your ONE TRUE LOVE… ICECREAM? I mean… your significant other? You totally don’t even need a significant other either, just get TWICE as much icecream for yourself! In fact, if you have a significant other, they should get 2x as much for themselves too! =D

Here are the daily deals! Expires January 31, 2014!

Monday: Free Premium Dipped Waffle Cones

Tuesday: 2 Medium Cones for $10

Wednesday: Double Stamps

Thursday: 2 Medium Shakes for $10

Friday: 2 Pre-Packed Litres for $15

Saturday: Unlimited Sauces

Sunday: $6 Banana Splits

Thought I’d share a piece of happiness with you guys! Enjoy freezing upon freezing! 2 negatives makes a positive right?


Best Halloween Costume Ever!!!

Stickman costume

I remember in my days when I was a tiny little person, my Halloween costumes were of the classical type! I was either a witch, vampire (non-sparkly), cat, or some other scary thing! Nowadays, people just keep getting more and more creative! Imagine a WHOLE FAMILY wearing the now-famous LED Stickman costume!!! It would be a great way to find your child in the masses of children wearing masks and other costumes! Don’t have to worry too much about drivers not being able to see them, and best part of all, they’ll probably get more candy for just wearing an awesome costume!! This costume will probably be super cost-efficient for the family as well! (Looks) easy to hand-make, and simply just a great idea all around!

Here’s the youtube link of the lucky little cutiepie running around as a stickman! Enjoy!

Cure for Cancer is… HIV?

A few weeks ago there was a pretty viral video about how the cure to cancer is HIV. The video is about how a child with recurring leukemia was infected with a virus that had the ability to reprogram the immune cells to attack cancerous cells within the body. And of course, that virus was the infamous HIV virus. The title of the video, Scientists are now beating cancer with the HIV virus” is somewhat misleading. I hope the title didn’t send the message that it was okay to go and purposely get HIV in order to cure cancer for patients suffering from it!

There are a couple of things I wanted to note about this video. One is that in this study, they were using gene therapy. Gene therapy is more or less an alteration to organisms’ genes for the better (hopefully). They used a modified version of the HIV virus because of its gene reprogramming capabilities. They altered the virus in such a way that the virus is unable to use the host’s own cell machinery to replicate and subsequently cause AIDS. This altered HIV virus was used to reprogram the little girl’s immune cells (T Cells), so that they could recognize and eliminate cancerous cells. Secondly, even though gene therapy has been used in the past, we want to remember that this was done on a little girl who was given the death sentence. Our sample size in this study is 1. We don’t know if it will work for everybody or the long term effects (if they do, let me know!).

This has got to be the most amazing thing ever! On one hand (completely unrelated), a man is on his way to finding the cure to HIV (I believe they are at stage 2), while somewhere else, someone is getting close to finding a cure for cancer! How cool is that?! Yay, science!

Love Letter from Old Love Heals Man in Coma

I just recently came by an article in the Chinese newspaper today (October 20, 2013) that was about how a man, after getting involved in a car accident was put in a coma. His wife had tried various things including reenacting scenes and singing songs from their own happy moments before the accident. However, the wife found nothing had stimulated her husband. One day she came across a hidden love letter from his past love (before their marriage) and she decided to read this letter to him. It was when she read the letter to him that she saw a response from him. For 12 years, she continued to read this love letter to him. Finally, she brought him to the hospital and the doctors confirmed that he had regained  consciousness.

Even though this was in the Chinese newspaper today, after a quick google search, I found that there was an English translation of this wonderful story dated back in 2010. Here is the link: 12 years of reading of another woman’s love letter wakes her husband up from coma

I thought this was a very romantic/sad/happy story that I just felt the need to share! I think the wife was amazing for being able to continue reading a past love’s letter to her husband in hopes of him recovering. She is one strong woman! Hope you all enjoyed!

October 2013 – Ipsy/MyGlam


Number of Samples: FIVE


Sorry for the late posts! I received my bag about 2 days ago, but I got lazy! I know I said this about last months bag, but THIS is my all time favourite bag so far! Looks like the bags just keep getting prettier and cuter! I already carry 2 of ipsy’s little bags as my “Everything bags” in my purses!

Let’s have a look at what was inside my  adorable little bag!

1) LA FRESH: Oil-Free Face Cleanser (10 wipes)

Full Size: $9.99 (30 wipes)

Sample Size Value: $3.33 ($9.99/3)

Ipsy Subscriber Discount: 30% Off


2) ZOYA: Professional Lacquer – Giovanna (0.5 fl. oz./15ml)

Full Size: $8 (0.5 fl. oz./15ml)

Ipsy Subscriber Discount: Buy 2 Get 1 Free


3) Buxom: Full-On Lip Polish in Dolly (2ml/0.07 fl. oz.)

Full Size: $23 (0.15 fl. oz)

Sample Size Value: $10.71 ($1.53/fl.oz.)

Ipsy Subscriber Discount: NONE

20131016_174541 20131016_174615

4) sexyhair: Blow-dry Volumizing Gel (1.7 fl. oz./50ml)

Full Size: $16.95 (8.5 fl. oz /250 ml)

Sample Size Value: $3.39 (1.7 fl. oz.)

Ipsy Subscriber Discount: $5 Off


5) Be Delectable: Hand Cream – Vanilla & Cream (60 ml/2 fl. oz.)

Full Size: $10 (118 ml/4 fl. oz)

Sample Size Value: $5 (60 ml/2 fl. oz.)

Ipsy Subscriber Discount: NONE


This Month’s Total Value of Full Sized Items: $67.94

Estimated Value of this Month’s Bag: $30.43

Thoughts for this month’s ipsy bag

For this month’s bag I was a teensy bit disappointed that I didn’t get the H2O sample that I was dyingg to have! (I absolutely love their products!) I guess I felt that this bag was more or less random because if my memory serves, I’m pretty sure I made sure to not include hairstyling products and nail polish in my survey. I know I put down moisturizers because I have been on the look out for a better moisturizer for my face! Other than that little disappointment, I do love how their bags are getting nicer. I’ve tried the Buxom Lip Polish and even though it’s a bit sticky like regular lip gloss, the colour is light enough that it looks like you’re not wearing anything! I guess the word I’m looking for is natural + gloss! The Be Delectable hand cream smells soooo good when you’re just sniffing it from the bottle and when you first put it on. However, once you apply it and wait a few minutes the smell kind of turns into a different smell. When you first put it on, it smells exactly as it says, “Vanilla & Cream” but after a few minutes, it smells kind of like… a cake? But not a fresh-out-of-oven kind of cake. Definitely hard to describe, but it’s not as pleasant as the initial vanilla and cream smell! Hope you enjoyed the mini review! I promise I’ll post about next month’s ipsy bag as soon as I receive it!