Love Letter from Old Love Heals Man in Coma

I just recently came by an article in the Chinese newspaper today (October 20, 2013) that was about how a man, after getting involved in a car accident was put in a coma. His wife had tried various things including reenacting scenes and singing songs from their own happy moments before the accident. However, the wife found nothing had stimulated her husband. One day she came across a hidden love letter from his past love (before their marriage) and she decided to read this letter to him. It was when she read the letter to him that she saw a response from him. For 12 years, she continued to read this love letter to him. Finally, she brought him to the hospital and the doctors confirmed that he had regained  consciousness.

Even though this was in the Chinese newspaper today, after a quick google search, I found that there was an English translation of this wonderful story dated back in 2010. Here is the link: 12 years of reading of another woman’s love letter wakes her husband up from coma

I thought this was a very romantic/sad/happy story that I just felt the need to share! I think the wife was amazing for being able to continue reading a past love’s letter to her husband in hopes of him recovering. She is one strong woman! Hope you all enjoyed!


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