Best Halloween Costume Ever!!!

Stickman costume

I remember in my days when I was a tiny little person, my Halloween costumes were of the classical type! I was either a witch, vampire (non-sparkly), cat, or some other scary thing! Nowadays, people just keep getting more and more creative! Imagine a WHOLE FAMILY wearing the now-famous LED Stickman costume!!! It would be a great way to find your child in the masses of children wearing masks and other costumes! Don’t have to worry too much about drivers not being able to see them, and best part of all, they’ll probably get more candy for just wearing an awesome costume!! This costume will probably be super cost-efficient for the family as well! (Looks) easy to hand-make, and simply just a great idea all around!

Here’s the youtube link of the lucky little cutiepie running around as a stickman! Enjoy!


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