[CANADA] Marble Slab Daily Deals Until January 31/14!!!

I think I got a little TOO excited for this! I freaking (yes, need some kind of censored swear word) LOVEEE icecream! The deals aren’t super duper duper amazing, but they’re something! From today until January 31, 2014, they have daily promotions! So if you have a significant other and you have no idea what to do for your dates… HERE’S AN IDEA! LOL. It may be because it’s freezing out here in Toronto, and snowing up North, but are YOU going to let that STOP YOU from getting to your ONE TRUE LOVE… ICECREAM? I mean… your significant other? You totally don’t even need a significant other either, just get TWICE as much icecream for yourself! In fact, if you have a significant other, they should get 2x as much for themselves too! =D

Here are the daily deals! Expires January 31, 2014!

Monday: Free Premium Dipped Waffle Cones

Tuesday: 2 Medium Cones for $10

Wednesday: Double Stamps

Thursday: 2 Medium Shakes for $10

Friday: 2 Pre-Packed Litres for $15

Saturday: Unlimited Sauces

Sunday: $6 Banana Splits

Thought I’d share a piece of happiness with you guys! Enjoy freezing upon freezing! 2 negatives makes a positive right?


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