Christmas gift ideas for him part 2

So I realized the first list of Christmas ideas were very typical guy gifts, so I spent quite some time thinking of other possible Christmas (or birthday) gifts! Here it goes!

1) Electric Razor

These things are fun. When I was watching my boyfriend use his electric razor, I totally wanted to give it a try on my own more or less hairless chin! Though a regular razor gives a cleaner shave, electric razors are more convenient and leaves no cuts! This is a great gift for your significant other. So if you’re not a fan of stubble and your man isn’t a fan of shaving, this will solve the problem!

2) Keyboard

Gaming keyboards are fantastic. Even if the guy isn’t a gamer. Gaming keyboards are of superior quality and they feel really great! Some look amazing too!

3) Mouse

When I say mouse, I mean gaming mouse. These come in so many designs! This is a practical gift, but gaming mice are, like the gaming keyboards, very high quality. Some of these have special features built into the mouse such as mouse sensitivity!

4) Headset

I know you’re probably seeing a pattern that all these gift ideas are related to computers, but in modern times, this allows us to have a more diverse choice in guy gifts!

5) (Beginner) Bartender set

These generally come in pre-made sets. Comes with everything a new bartender would start off with! You can probably couple this gift with a bartending for dummies book or some other beginner’s book! This is definitely a fun gift for anyone!

6) Whiskey stones

Whiskey stones are essentially rocks that stay cool and don’t dilute your drink! Sweet!

7) Dashcam

I think these things are great! They should be in every car! Dashcams are cameras docked onto the rearview mirror. They record everything that happens infront of you. Super handy if a car accident takes place (-knock on wood-)

8) Ties

Ties come in so many shapes, patterns, and price tags that make this gift a possible recurring gift! A simple, but elegant gift!

9) Swiss Army Knife

Choose one that has a beer opener! Soo handy!

10) Messenger Bag

With laptops, tablets, and ipads dominating, a messenger bag is the perfect bag to carry the essentials!

Goodluck Christmas shopping!



Christmas gift ideas for him

Gift season is coming up!! So I thought it would the right time to do a gifts guide, starting with gifts for HIM. We all know it’s impossible to shop for a guy! Whether it’s your significant other, your father, your grandpa, older/younger brother, male friend, colleague, and so forth! Here’s a list (no particular order) of gift ideas that I have previously given to guys that loved their gift!

1) Belt

Most guys I know have that ONE belt that they use for absolutely every occasion. Some leave it in their pants and just wear the sameee pair of pants the next day…and the day after that, simply because the belt is already pre-looped in!! So having an extra belt wouldn’t hurt him, or even a fancier belt for fancier occasions! You know what, two belts might even have him consider wearing two pairs of different pants! Win.

2) Watch

Whether the guy you’re buying a gift for is in business, healthcare, etc. a watch will always finish an outfit. And the best part is, now he has no excuse to ever be late! No more “my phone ran out of battery” or “I forgot my phone at home”! A watch just makes a guy look so much more distinguished don’t you think?

3) Dress shirt

With the holidays coming up, there’s bound to be countless Christmas/New Years Eve parties and dinners to attend! So grabbing him a nice dress shirt for Christmas will give him something new to wear to one of the parties! And of course, people will compliment him on his amazing dress shirt that you picked out! Both of you would feel amazing! Compliments just work that way! You can never own too many dress shirts.

4) Wallet

A good 50% of my male friends don’t seem to care about their wallets! Some of their wallets are just super damaged and they’re just simply too lazy to get a new one! Some have had their wallets since they were like 10 years old…and yes, the velcro wallets. It’s time for a change! My suggestion would be a leather bi-fold wallet. This is a classic!

5) Cardholder

Of course a good chunk of guys don’t even own a wallet. They just bring the essentials in their pocket! Get him a cardholder to hold and organize his cards in! The main reason I’ve come across for guys to favour cardholders over wallets is that it’s much more compact and they don’t even have that many cards! Unlike girls, if they’re anything like me, I have about 30 billion cards and half of them are points cards! Men rarely have a bazillion points cards. They just need to carry their creditcards and IDs.

6) Money clip

Same logic as the cardholder. Men like simplistic stuff (at least the men I have come across). They just want their creditcard, drivers licence, and some cash for convenience and/or emergencies. A money clip often comes with a super thin wallet. Sometimes they come with cardholders. This just keeps their bills down in one place!

7) Tablet

There are so many different kinds of tablets out there, there is bound to be one that they would like or use! I find this is a good gift for anyone in the age range of 14-30. They always have some reason to use a tablet, whether it’s for school, games, or just browsing the net! Reading comics and skpying on a tablet is pretty amazing too!

8) Scarf

For some reason, guys just  don’t own scarves. It could be -1000 outside and they’ll somehow convince themselves they don’t need a scarf. Get him a scarf. Even if he’s truly not cold in -1000 degrees, you probably are, so you can steal his scarf instead of his coat for those days!

9) Cellphone

Phones. Guys seem to like phones. They always want to have the most updated phone, but they can’t ’cause their old phone is still perfectly functional. This would probably make him happy!

10) Videogames

This gift idea works for any guy who owns some gaming console. If you don’t know anything about games, ask the store for the most popular one. Remember to get a gift receipt so they can go exchange the game if they already have it or they don’t like it. Don’t forget to mention that when you give him the videogame! Or else the game will end up in his livingroom somewhere, still in the wrapper for many years to come!

I hope this helps with your Christmas shopping this year, especially with black friday and cybermonday rolling around the corner! =)

Garnier Body Intensive 7 days Hydrating Gel-Cream Review

To start off my very own review section for my blog, I wanted to review a product that I recently purchased to try out that was affordable, but effective. So I went to the drugstore and picked up a few body lotions and so far, this has been my favourite experience!

My skin type: Dry [I get itchy and flaky more so near the winter time]

Product: Garnier Body Intensive 7 days Hydrating Gel-Cream with L-Bifidus and Grape Oil (400 ml)

Price: $5.99 CAD (250 ml), $7.99 CAD (400 ml)



My thoughts

Compared to other body lotions, I thought the gel idea was amazing. This product is very light, it absorbs almost immediately, and it definitely hydrates! The best part is probably the fact that it doesn’t feel sticky or gross after application! I know on the bottle it advertises that the moisturizing affect lasts up to 7 days, but I found that I still had to apply it every other day before dryness kicks in. So if you’re someone who moisturizes after a shower, this body lotion is meant for you since it absorbs quickly and leaves no sticky after-feeling. It does mention that their study shows that after 4 weeks of usage, even without applying this gel-cream twice daily, consumers felt hydration that lasted up until 7 days. I’ve only used this product for about a week and a half so maybe it’ll build up for me! Bonus: This body moisturizer smells fantastic!!!

Located on the back of the bottle, they mention the ingredient L-Bifidus, which was inspired by probiotics found in yogurt. It essentially aids in improving your natural protective barrier to help keep moisture in.

Grape Oil, their other advertised ingredient, is rich in vitamin E (an antioxidant that prevents cellular damage, aka good for skin)

The only thing I’m not too sure on is, I don’t see many articles on L-Bifidus and it’s role in skin care. I tried searching up scientific articles on it but can’t seem to come across any directly related to L-bifidus and skin care. Garnier does mention it is “inspired” by probiotics so maybe they have their own studies.

Would I recommend this product? Definitely. Of all the body lotions, creams, and butters I’ve come across, this would be on the top of my list for effectiveness, great smelling, and reasonably priced!




How to make coffee… when you don’t have a filter (for desperate days only)

So here is a little something about me… I love coffee. I need coffee to help me stay awake when I have to study for school! So what happens when you’re in your pajamas at home studying and you you realize your bed is just seducing you, “come to me… you know you want me…” Let me tell you, I almost fell for my bed’s well-set trap. Of course, only when you’re stuck between an evil-seducing-bed and your school work do you become your most creative.

I was a very lucky soul that night because a few months back, a friend had gotten me a bag of coffee beans. Yes, coffee beans…un-grounded. And of course since I’m the typical lazy university student, I never made my own coffee. I always justified that $2/day for my coffee. “I’ll just eat a cheaper meal today, something that’s $2 less than what I would have gotten to eat.” And this is how student debt starts my dear friends, because you somehow end up tricking yourself to buy whatever food you had initially planned regardless of your coffee justifications!

Sorry I totally got off track there for a bit, but here I am, a poor-student (no doubt due to coffee), in my ultra comfortable pajamas, protected from the winter-like weather outside, desperate for coffee to fend off my bed. I come to the realization that there is only one solution. I have to use a hammer and smash those coffee beans into tiny little bits. Totally do-able, except I come to a second realization. I don’t have any filters. I mind as well just chew coffee beans and wash it down with water.

Then BAM. Someone turned on a lightbulb exactly above my head and this gave me the most ghetto idea. Nah, I’m kidding, so what actually happened was that I was searching through my kitchen for some kind of coffee filter, any hidden coffee filters that someone must have hidden for emergency purposes! And then I looked up and saw it. I saw a roll of paper towels.

Equipment that should be in any home

– Coffee beans (ground or unground)

– Something for you to boil hot water in (kettle, pot, etc)

– Paper towel

– Cup

– Blender/Coffee grinder/hammer if you’re truly desperate



1) Fold paper towel according to diagram


2) Place folded paper towel ontop/partially in cup and place coffee grinds in. There will be a nice fold that comes naturally to make it appear triangular.

*Note: Use your blender/coffee grinder/hammer to pulverize your coffee beans into dust. My cup holds about 1.5 cups of water, so I blended 3 tablespoons of coffee beans, but only put half of the coffee grinds into my home-made filter!

20131115_221837 20131115_221906

3) Run hot water through the coffee grinds and filter. BECAREFUL, since it’s paper towel, it’ll absorb the HOT water. So you might want to use tongs or something to hold onto the paper towel to prevent it from falling through!


4) Remove the paper towel and coffee grinds. ENJOY COFFEE!

*Note: If you feel like it’s running through too fast, you can double up on your paper towel so water runs through more slowly!


And this was my kitchen adventures of the week. Making my first cup of coffee all on my own! Also helps when you just want a SINGLE cup of coffee all to yourself without the accompanying dishes like washing the coffee maker jug that makes like 5 cups of coffee when you know you only want ONE or else you’ll go all spazzy and jittery!

Thanks for reading!

Stop Webcam Child Sex Tourism – Sweetie

Credit: Video screenshot by Leslie Katz/CNET

Credit: Video screenshot by Leslie Katz/CNET

I am pretty sure a lot of you have come across a more or less viral video about a 10 year old Philippino girl by the name of Sweetie. She is not a real girl, she is created from the advanced technology of our world today; used to trick and catch pedophiles from all around the world IN THE ACT of pedophilia and child exploitation! This is of course a wonderful and genius idea! According to the video that I will eventually be linking to this post, hundreds of thousands (750 000) of pedophiles are online at any given moment! However, only 6 have been caught… While Sweetie is talking to the pedophile, the Terre Des Homme is tracking the predator using pieces of information provided through the chat. The predators often think they’re safe because they’re hiding behind a computer and using fake information for their accounts. However, they are able to use google, facebook, and other social media to track them down! They’ve managed to catch 1 000 by November 4, 2013! This video was made to bring awareness to this growing problem and to provide a solution for it. At the end of the video, it asks you to sign a petition to help create new policies and laws around the world to stop pedophilia.

My Thoughts

I love this idea. I think the world needs to be aware, but I feel like there could have been some things left out of the video. I saw this video on facebook, the Chinese News, and various other sites linking to it. I have labelled this video – viral. When a video goes viral, we all know what that means. Everyone has seen or heard about the video and its contents. Now that they’ve made a video of their successful “Sweetie” and publicized that they’ve caught 1 000 people on public chats with a computer model; a good chunk, if not most of their targeted pedophiles will now be aware of this. Now they’ve seen how “Sweetie” looks and will now stay up-to-date with the new policies and laws (if they’re made). The predators will now be extra careful online. Since they also exposed how they use pieces of information provided through conversation to find them through Google and other online outlets, the predators (with the knowledge of baiting), will now be extra careful in providing personal information, making it harder to track them.

I personally think they provided too much information on HOW they’re tracking down online pedophiles. They could have focused on the actual problem and how successful it has been vs. what they’re doing to catch them. I mean sure, they can probably just make another computer model by a different name since they showed how Sweetie looks, but now they just gave themselves more work. Time wasted hunting these people down. I already mentioned that HOW they provided how they identified predators kind of gave them a weaker stance because now people know to be extra careful. Bottom line is, I think that the idea and success of what they’re doing is wonderful, but maybe they could have left some of the more important details out and still have lots of people sign their petition. They simply could have just contacted the important people/groups of the world PRIVATELY and pitched that online child exploitation is indeed a problem and show their stats/model to them. They essentially pointed out an issue and provided a solution, I don’t see why major governments would ignore this solution since the outcome has been hugely successful.

These are my 2 cents, I hope no one thinks I’m against this! I just feel that they could have kept it private and continued catching online pedophiles without giving the rest of the internet world pedophiles such a huge warning. If you’re clean, you have nothing to hide right?

What are your thoughts on this?

November 2013 – Ipsy/My Glam


Number of Samples: SIX


For $10/month ($15/month for Canadians), I was truly disappointed in this month’s ipsy’s glam bag. If you’ve read my other posts, I am not a fan of sparkly makeup or things in general! This month’s “cute little bag” may be cute to some of you, but for me it was a complete disaster! It felt like golden tin foil! I don’t think I can use it as a mini “personal item” carrier for those monthly inconveniences without catching the attention of every living creature in  a room. I would probably get less attention if I just straight-up carried a pad or tampon in the open compared to shoving it inside this bag! I considered it as a possible clutch, but the feel (TIN FOIL) and quality (CHEAP) didn’t work out for me either. Maybe if they had added a wristlet portion to the previous bags it may have worked out or just made this bag of higher quality! I don’t know what I would do with this bag at all! A complete no-no for me this month. =(

1) STARLOOKS: Amethyst Gem Eye Pencil

Full Size: $14 (one pencil)


2) CAILYN: Built-In sponge Tip Mineral Eyeshadow in Champagne (2.5g)

Full Size: $15 (2.5g)


3) em michelle phan: pillow plush cushiony lip balm in vanilla (5g/0.176 oz)

Full Size: $15 (5g/0.176 oz)


4) nailtini: Nail Lacquer in Champagne (15ml/0.5 fl. oz)

Full Size: $13 (15ml/ 0.5 fl. oz)


5) PIXI: Beauty Bronzer in Summertime (3.2g/0.11 oz)

Full Size: £15.00 or $25.17 CAD (10.21g/0.36 oz)

Sample Size:  £4.70 or $7.89 CAD (3.2g/0.11 oz)


6) be a bombshell: Lip Crayon in hot damn (1 crayon)

Full Size: $14 (1 crayon)


This Month’s Total Value of Full Sized Items: $96.17

Estimated Value of this Month’s Bag: $78.89

Thoughts for this month’s ipsy bag

As I’ve mentioned early, sparkly and I don’t go together so this month’s make-up bag was not for me! =( However, I was super excited that I got 5 FULL SIZED items this month! If you just briefly glance above, the value of this month’s bag was super duper duper worth it! (Excuse my childish language LOL) but there were some mixed feelings about the items I received! Just because the items were mostly sparkly items, I wasn’t too keen on jumping right into trying them out as I was writing my review of the bag. The STARLOOKS: Amethyst Gem Eye PencilCAILYN: Built-In sponge Tip Mineral Eyeshadow in Champagne, and nailtini: Nail Lacquer in Champagne will probably be given away and never tried by me. The colours and sparkles just don’t work with me! I have single eye-lids, imagine how difficult it would be for me to wear amethyst and champagne on a regular basis or even occasional basis. I would literally need to be attending a gold-sparkles theme party to be able to look normal! On the other hand, I absolutely LOVEEE em michelle phan: pillow plush cushiony lip balm in vanilla. This lip balm at first feels a bit sticky (kind of like lip gloss) and then when you apply more, it has this nice creamy-smooth texture to it! Makes you constantly smack your lips together cause it’s so smooth and wonderful feeling! Definitely moisturizes! I applied quite a bit of this lip balm on to try and duplicate the colour on her site, but it’s more of a shear colour with a tint of sparkles, not too much! I’m also quite a fan of the PIXI: Beauty Bronzer in Summertime because even though summer is gone, this bronzer will help my pale, pasty skin look a bit healthier over the cold winter that’s about to come! And the best part is that, this bronzer doesn’t look orange like most bronzers! Finally, I know most people aren’t a fan of crayons, but for me, I love the be a bombshell: Lip Crayon in hot damn. I love how crayons work, they come in nice bright colours (if you haven’t guessed, my favourite colour is red!) and this month, ipsy graciously gave me a red-sparkly crayon! I know I said I don’t like sparkly things, but I can FEEL that I will love this crayon! I love bright red lips! I haven’t tried on this crayon because I’m currently spending an unhealthy amount of time smacking my lips together ’cause of the em lip balm! =)

P.S. See! I kept my promise. I wrote this up as soon I as received my package ^__^

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