Christmas gift ideas for him

Gift season is coming up!! So I thought it would the right time to do a gifts guide, starting with gifts for HIM. We all know it’s impossible to shop for a guy! Whether it’s your significant other, your father, your grandpa, older/younger brother, male friend, colleague, and so forth! Here’s a list (no particular order) of gift ideas that I have previously given to guys that loved their gift!

1) Belt

Most guys I know have that ONE belt that they use for absolutely every occasion. Some leave it in their pants and just wear the sameee pair of pants the next day…and the day after that, simply because the belt is already pre-looped in!! So having an extra belt wouldn’t hurt him, or even a fancier belt for fancier occasions! You know what, two belts might even have him consider wearing two pairs of different pants! Win.

2) Watch

Whether the guy you’re buying a gift for is in business, healthcare, etc. a watch will always finish an outfit. And the best part is, now he has no excuse to ever be late! No more “my phone ran out of battery” or “I forgot my phone at home”! A watch just makes a guy look so much more distinguished don’t you think?

3) Dress shirt

With the holidays coming up, there’s bound to be countless Christmas/New Years Eve parties and dinners to attend! So grabbing him a nice dress shirt for Christmas will give him something new to wear to one of the parties! And of course, people will compliment him on his amazing dress shirt that you picked out! Both of you would feel amazing! Compliments just work that way! You can never own too many dress shirts.

4) Wallet

A good 50% of my male friends don’t seem to care about their wallets! Some of their wallets are just super damaged and they’re just simply too lazy to get a new one! Some have had their wallets since they were like 10 years old…and yes, the velcro wallets. It’s time for a change! My suggestion would be a leather bi-fold wallet. This is a classic!

5) Cardholder

Of course a good chunk of guys don’t even own a wallet. They just bring the essentials in their pocket! Get him a cardholder to hold and organize his cards in! The main reason I’ve come across for guys to favour cardholders over wallets is that it’s much more compact and they don’t even have that many cards! Unlike girls, if they’re anything like me, I have about 30 billion cards and half of them are points cards! Men rarely have a bazillion points cards. They just need to carry their creditcards and IDs.

6) Money clip

Same logic as the cardholder. Men like simplistic stuff (at least the men I have come across). They just want their creditcard, drivers licence, and some cash for convenience and/or emergencies. A money clip often comes with a super thin wallet. Sometimes they come with cardholders. This just keeps their bills down in one place!

7) Tablet

There are so many different kinds of tablets out there, there is bound to be one that they would like or use! I find this is a good gift for anyone in the age range of 14-30. They always have some reason to use a tablet, whether it’s for school, games, or just browsing the net! Reading comics and skpying on a tablet is pretty amazing too!

8) Scarf

For some reason, guys just  don’t own scarves. It could be -1000 outside and they’ll somehow convince themselves they don’t need a scarf. Get him a scarf. Even if he’s truly not cold in -1000 degrees, you probably are, so you can steal his scarf instead of his coat for those days!

9) Cellphone

Phones. Guys seem to like phones. They always want to have the most updated phone, but they can’t ’cause their old phone is still perfectly functional. This would probably make him happy!

10) Videogames

This gift idea works for any guy who owns some gaming console. If you don’t know anything about games, ask the store for the most popular one. Remember to get a gift receipt so they can go exchange the game if they already have it or they don’t like it. Don’t forget to mention that when you give him the videogame! Or else the game will end up in his livingroom somewhere, still in the wrapper for many years to come!

I hope this helps with your Christmas shopping this year, especially with black friday and cybermonday rolling around the corner! =)


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