Amazing TTC Driver

Today I was taking the TTC Streetcar. For those who don’t know, TTC stands for Toronto Transit Commission. The streetcar is similar to cable cars in San Francisco! So we never hear anything nice about the TTC drivers, it’s ALWAYS negative, but today I had a wonderful experience and thought I’d blog about it! Let me describe my journey in as much detail as possible!

Right before the streetcar took off from the station, the driver rang the bell to notify people that were walking towards the streetcar that he was leaving! I know that this gesture seems very minor and small, but a good handful of people made it into the streetcar without having the door slam right before them! I’ve witnessed many times when streetcar drivers just close the door because it was time to take off, but this was one of those rare times where they didn’t!

As the streetcar was taking it’s usual route, the driver says “Good evening everyone.” A single person near the front of the streetcar replied back with a whisper, “Good evening.” The driver wholeheartedly replied back to that single person with a “Good evening to you too. Now let’s try that again. Good evening everybody!” Now this time, I’d say about 50% of the streetcar replied back with enthusiasm, “Good evening!” Some even said “Good evening Mr. TTC Driver!” What a way to cheer people up after a long day of work! It doesn’t just end here!

As we continue going through the stops, he cracks a joke. “What’s black and white and smells like a cow?” The streetcar was silent for a moment until someone finally replies, “A cow.” The streetcar driver: “That’s the right answer!” I personally thought the answer was zebra when he asked…thankfully I didn’t shout out my answer or I would’ve been so embarrassed! He then says, “Common, it wasn’t that bad of a joke was it?!” Everyone laughs!

He cracks a few more jokes that I wished I remembered! I blame my sleepiness! But the jokes were just as awful as the first one, but they would’ve made you smile!

When we were approaching a stop, he instructs us, “Everybody, say ‘Good evening!’ when I cough!” When the next batch of people got onto the streetcar, you hear the driver cough over the intercom, followed by “Good Evening!” A bunch of people giggled at this point! It must’ve came as a great surprise to the people getting onto the streetcar!

Shortly after that, Mr. TTC driver here says, “at the next stop, everybody sing ‘Jingle Bells, Batman Smells’ everybody ready?” Unfortunately at this point, I got off the streetcar! But I did hear someone sing the beginning of that Christmas carol!

I just wanted to share my wonderful experience with a TTC driver that was super friendly and funny! When people were getting off the streetcar, a lot of them said “Good evening Mr. TTC Driver” or “Good evening!” This TTC driver was definitely fantastic! I know it’s one TTC driver out of 999 billion drivers, but one can make a difference! I hope you guys come across amazing public transit drivers as well!


*Note: Despite the conversation being embedded in quotation marks, they may or may not be direct quotations from the driver/people. There may have been some paraphrasing because my memory is only so good on a Tuesday evening!


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