[CANADA] Marble Slab Daily Deals Until January 31/14!!!

I think I got a little TOO excited for this! I freaking (yes, need some kind of censored swear word) LOVEEE icecream! The deals aren’t super duper duper amazing, but they’re something! From today until January 31, 2014, they have daily promotions! So if you have a significant other and you have no idea what to do for your dates… HERE’S AN IDEA! LOL. It may be because it’s freezing out here in Toronto, and snowing up North, but are YOU going to let that STOP YOU from getting to your ONE TRUE LOVE… ICECREAM? I mean… your significant other? You totally don’t even need a significant other either, just get TWICE as much icecream for yourself! In fact, if you have a significant other, they should get 2x as much for themselves too! =D

Here are the daily deals! Expires January 31, 2014!

Monday: Free Premium Dipped Waffle Cones

Tuesday: 2 Medium Cones for $10

Wednesday: Double Stamps

Thursday: 2 Medium Shakes for $10

Friday: 2 Pre-Packed Litres for $15

Saturday: Unlimited Sauces

Sunday: $6 Banana Splits

Thought I’d share a piece of happiness with you guys! Enjoy freezing upon freezing! 2 negatives makes a positive right?


Magnum Pleasure Shop – Toronto

I’ve been wanting to visit the Magnum Pleasure Shop (yes, it’s their name!) for a while now. Today, I finally found some time to go visit it! When I first got there, it was 9:10pm. I was inside and still waiting at 10pm! It was an hour wait to get inside to get a taste of wonderful ice cream in 35 degree weather! Haha, I must have led you on with the title 😉 Kidding!

Magnum opened a pop up shop on Bloor and Yonge. They will be opened for roughly one month (I vaguely recall reading somewhere that they close on July 28, 2013!) to promote their ice cream. The exterior and interior of the shop is very polished. They have fancy jeweled magnum ice cream displays as well!

Magnum Toronto

Magnum Store Hours20130719_213933


Taking a peak of the inside…



Now that you’ve had a sneak peak of the exterior and interior (forgive my phone pictures, they’re not very clear!), let’s talk about the long process!

1) You wait in line

2) They give you a menu of the ice cream flavours and toppings  you get to choose

Magnum Menu 1 20130719_213116

3) You choose your ice cream flavour (Vanilla or Chocolate)

4) You choose your wanted toppings from a selection of 21! No limit to what you want. They had everything. Even goji berries. Yes, I decided to get goji berries!

5) You pay and enjoy your delicious custom made magnum ice cream!

NOTE: Ask for the “Golden Touch” !!! They sprinkle edible golden flakes (kind of like the golden flakes in goldschlager) on top of your creation and if you’re a girl (guy’s bring your girlfriends!) they’ll give you a Magnum branded golden nail polish! Apparently the nail polish is made with real gold! WIN!

My creation with vanilla icecream, dark chocolate coating, hazel nut/macadamia nuts/almond pieces, chocolate drizzle, goji berries, and golden flakes!

My creation with vanilla icecream, dark chocolate coating, hazel nut/macadamia nuts/almond pieces, chocolate drizzle, goji berries, and golden flakes!

Here's how the golden nail polish looks!

Here’s how the golden nail polish looks!


The wait was definitely worth the ice cream and experience! If you haven’t already gone to the Magnum Pleasure Shop, you better get your butt there tomorrow! Don’t miss your chance! And guys, I definitely recommend you bring your girlfriends and have them ask for the “Golden Touch”!!! They’re going to love youuu!



Hot House Cafe – Summerlicious 2013

I recently went to the Hot House Cafe located on 35 Church Street for their Summerlicious 2013 dinner!

Lunch Price: $15

Dinner Price: $25

What I ordered:

Appetizer: Soup of the Day (I forgot to take a picture because I was too hungry!)

  • The Soup of the Day was a type of tomato based seafood soup that had potato chunks in it. The soup was hot compared to some other places that serve cold soup as an appetizer. I personally loved the soup and how it was closer to a stew!

Main: Surf & Turf  (8 oz Angus New York Strip loin grilled and served with a Canadian Lobster tail Topped with Chive Truffle Butter)

Surf & Turf

  • This is a picture of my friend’s Surf & Turf where he got rice instead of a baked potato like I did! He liked the rice. My baked potato was actually just a baked potato that came with a small dish of sour cream. Veggies (beans and carrots) were served as well. I enjoyed my lobster tail, however the steak (mediam-rare) wasn’t anything too special. But for $25 for an app, main, and dessert, a regular steak with lobster tail is totally worth it!

Dessert: Sticky Toffee Pudding

Sticky Toffee Pudding

  • This here was the definition of heaven if you love cinnamon rolls (Cinnabon), caramel, and soft melty-like bread. I generally love cheesecake, but I decided to be spontaneous and got this Sticky Toffee Pudding instead! It was wonderful. My friends rejected their desserts to steal a bite out of mine! I’ll also include pictures of my friend’s desserts for you guys as well!
  • Sorbet (A scoop of seasonal sorbet and berries to finish your meal): I didn’t give this a try, but generally sorbets are light and a sprinkle of fruit is a nice touch to finish a meal!


  • New York Baked Cheesecake (A rich and creamy piece of New York style cheesecake smothered in strawberry sauce): I’m a big fan of cheesecake, but this cheesecake here was super fluffy and almost didn’t taste like a cheesecake. I was expecting a nice dense, regular new york cheesecake. None of my friends or I was a huge fan of this cheesecake, but if you like super light and fluffy cheesecake, this might be for you!

New York CheesecakeIf you have any restuarant recommendations for Summerlicious or Winterlicious, let me know!