How to make coffee… when you don’t have a filter (for desperate days only)

So here is a little something about me… I love coffee. I need coffee to help me stay awake when I have to study for school! So what happens when you’re in your pajamas at home studying and you you realize your bed is just seducing you, “come to me… you know you want me…” Let me tell you, I almost fell for my bed’s well-set trap. Of course, only when you’re stuck between an evil-seducing-bed and your school work do you become your most creative.

I was a very lucky soul that night because a few months back, a friend had gotten me a bag of coffee beans. Yes, coffee beans…un-grounded. And of course since I’m the typical lazy university student, I never made my own coffee. I always justified that $2/day for my coffee. “I’ll just eat a cheaper meal today, something that’s $2 less than what I would have gotten to eat.” And this is how student debt starts my dear friends, because you somehow end up tricking yourself to buy whatever food you had initially planned regardless of your coffee justifications!

Sorry I totally got off track there for a bit, but here I am, a poor-student (no doubt due to coffee), in my ultra comfortable pajamas, protected from the winter-like weather outside, desperate for coffee to fend off my bed. I come to the realization that there is only one solution. I have to use a hammer and smash those coffee beans into tiny little bits. Totally do-able, except I come to a second realization. I don’t have any filters. I mind as well just chew coffee beans and wash it down with water.

Then BAM. Someone turned on a lightbulb exactly above my head and this gave me the most ghetto idea. Nah, I’m kidding, so what actually happened was that I was searching through my kitchen for some kind of coffee filter, any hidden coffee filters that someone must have hidden for emergency purposes! And then I looked up and saw it. I saw a roll of paper towels.

Equipment that should be in any home

– Coffee beans (ground or unground)

– Something for you to boil hot water in (kettle, pot, etc)

– Paper towel

– Cup

– Blender/Coffee grinder/hammer if you’re truly desperate



1) Fold paper towel according to diagram


2) Place folded paper towel ontop/partially in cup and place coffee grinds in. There will be a nice fold that comes naturally to make it appear triangular.

*Note: Use your blender/coffee grinder/hammer to pulverize your coffee beans into dust. My cup holds about 1.5 cups of water, so I blended 3 tablespoons of coffee beans, but only put half of the coffee grinds into my home-made filter!

20131115_221837 20131115_221906

3) Run hot water through the coffee grinds and filter. BECAREFUL, since it’s paper towel, it’ll absorb the HOT water. So you might want to use tongs or something to hold onto the paper towel to prevent it from falling through!


4) Remove the paper towel and coffee grinds. ENJOY COFFEE!

*Note: If you feel like it’s running through too fast, you can double up on your paper towel so water runs through more slowly!


And this was my kitchen adventures of the week. Making my first cup of coffee all on my own! Also helps when you just want a SINGLE cup of coffee all to yourself without the accompanying dishes like washing the coffee maker jug that makes like 5 cups of coffee when you know you only want ONE or else you’ll go all spazzy and jittery!

Thanks for reading!