Health & Lifestyle Tips

This area will be dedicated for tips on having a healthy lifestyle. I will be posting various tips on diet, nutrition, exercise, methods of integration, and so forth! These will be tips I have gathered from all types of sources. Some may be beliefs passed down from generations, some from recent scientific articles, or sometimes outright from the word of mouth of a friend, family, or colleague! With this said, please be aware that not all the tips I have posted is fit and suited for every type of individual. Please consult with a healthcare professional as well! If I have done some research on the tip, I will reference them.

I will also post tips and tricks that I use in my daily life. These would include things like my daily/weekly/monthly routines!

Here are a few things about me:

I am an Asian female with dark/black, naturally wavy hair

5’4-5’5 in height (depends if I round up or down!)

I currently weigh 121-123lbs (~55kg) – I used to weigh 132lbs (~60kg) back in the summer of 2013

Bust, Waist, Hip ratio of:  34-27-34

The reason I posted my previous weight, current weight, as well as my measurements is really to show that a change in lifestyle (spoiler: I don’t exercise frequently…this is closer to a once a month thing) can and will help you lose weight!

Hope you enjoy!


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