Christmas Gifts for Her

Now that it’s closer to Christmas, men all around must be panicking on what to pick out for the women in their life! That’s where I come in! Here is a nice handy list of gift ideas for the lovely ladies out there!

1) Beauty Box Subscription

Yes, I may be a tad biased, but this serves to be kind of like 4-12 mini gifts if you get an annual subscription! There are so many beauty boxes out there! Ipsy, Topbox, Luxebox, etc etc!

2) Macaron

These are elegant desserts that come in various colours. They get packaged very nicely and definitely makes a better gift than chocolates!

3) Hair straightener or Curl iron

I feel like a straightener is a must in every female’s household. You can use it to straighten hair, curl hair, and even iron out small wrinkles on clothes!

4) Photo album

This is more for the close females in your life. Buy a photo album and fill it with pictures of happy moments you guys had together! This is a great gift for mothers and girlfriends. Lets them know you care! If you don’t have enough pictures, fill it with small things that had meaning, such as first movie date tickets, first parking ticket you got while she was there or some other meaningful flat items! Maybe throw in a single rose/favourite flower as well!

5) Dress

This is definitely a tricky item. My general rule of thumb is to probably never buy a female clothing unless you know their size 100%! And even then, it could come off as offensive because you didn’t choose a smaller size! But I like the idea of a dress especially if it’s coupled with a dinner that they’re able to wear the dress to. Remember, it has to be a dress that fits perfectly! Maybe a dress they tried on before but didn’t buy because they didn’t need the dress. Something along those lines! Don’t say I didn’t warn you!

6) Clutch/Wristlet

These are those tiny bags women like to carry their essentials in! Just big enough to hold their phone, a few cards, and some cash!

7) Spa Package (Mani/Pedi/Massage/etc)

Lots of spas offer Holiday packages that include various treatments! You can let them know they deserve to spoil themselves once in a while!

8) Jewelry Box/Music Box

Both these boxes carry/organize jewelry.

9) Premade gift baskets/packages (Make-up, lotion, toiletries, perfume, chocolate, etc)

If it’s a female who you have absolutely no idea what to get them, premade gift packages will save you. They cover all grounds!

10) Jewelry (Necklace, bracelet, earrings, etc)

Last, but not least, jewelry! This gift is literally the default gift you can give any female of any age! Which jewelry you give could indicate more intimacy. For example, a necklace would be more likely fit for a girlfriend whereas a bracelet would do for a female cousin or sibling. If you’ve already given the girlfriend a necklace, the braclet/earring/etc would also work as a gift!

As I was writing this list up, I realized, females are just as hard to shop for as guys! Hope you enjoyed!


Christmas gift ideas for him part 2

So I realized the first list of Christmas ideas were very typical guy gifts, so I spent quite some time thinking of other possible Christmas (or birthday) gifts! Here it goes!

1) Electric Razor

These things are fun. When I was watching my boyfriend use his electric razor, I totally wanted to give it a try on my own more or less hairless chin! Though a regular razor gives a cleaner shave, electric razors are more convenient and leaves no cuts! This is a great gift for your significant other. So if you’re not a fan of stubble and your man isn’t a fan of shaving, this will solve the problem!

2) Keyboard

Gaming keyboards are fantastic. Even if the guy isn’t a gamer. Gaming keyboards are of superior quality and they feel really great! Some look amazing too!

3) Mouse

When I say mouse, I mean gaming mouse. These come in so many designs! This is a practical gift, but gaming mice are, like the gaming keyboards, very high quality. Some of these have special features built into the mouse such as mouse sensitivity!

4) Headset

I know you’re probably seeing a pattern that all these gift ideas are related to computers, but in modern times, this allows us to have a more diverse choice in guy gifts!

5) (Beginner) Bartender set

These generally come in pre-made sets. Comes with everything a new bartender would start off with! You can probably couple this gift with a bartending for dummies book or some other beginner’s book! This is definitely a fun gift for anyone!

6) Whiskey stones

Whiskey stones are essentially rocks that stay cool and don’t dilute your drink! Sweet!

7) Dashcam

I think these things are great! They should be in every car! Dashcams are cameras docked onto the rearview mirror. They record everything that happens infront of you. Super handy if a car accident takes place (-knock on wood-)

8) Ties

Ties come in so many shapes, patterns, and price tags that make this gift a possible recurring gift! A simple, but elegant gift!

9) Swiss Army Knife

Choose one that has a beer opener! Soo handy!

10) Messenger Bag

With laptops, tablets, and ipads dominating, a messenger bag is the perfect bag to carry the essentials!

Goodluck Christmas shopping!